Windows Keyboard Basic Shortcuts To Be Known

Keyboard Basic Shortcuts To Be Known

Hello Guys.
Today I like to share with you some of the Keyboard Basic Shortcuts To Be Known For (Beginners).

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts for windows xp

So keyboard shortcuts save time for users instead using the mouse to click on.
So lets Start :

  • Win                                        Press Windows Key to open start menu
  • Win+R                                   Opens Run Dialog Box
  • Win+M                                  Minimize All Open Windows
  • Win+S                                   Maximize All Open Windows
  • Win+L                                   Locks Keyboard In Windows Xp 

  • Win+E                                  Opens My Computer
  • Win+F                                  Opens Search Options
  • Win+U                                 Opens Utility Manager
  • Win+D                                 view desktop or minimize all windows
  • Alt+Tab                           Move through opened windows programs
  • Alt+F4                             close active window
  • Alt+Enter                         open properties of selected item
  • Alt+SPACEBAR             Open the system menu of active window
  • Alt+SPACEBAR+N       minimize the active program
  • Alt+SPACEBAR+R        keys to restore the active program
  • Alt+SPACEBAR+C        keys to close the active program
  • Alt+SPACEBAR+X        keys to maximize the active program
  • Alt+SPACEBAR+M       keys to move the active program
  • Ctrl+Alt+Delete               options to shutdown or open task manager
  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc                open windows task manager
  • Ctrl+Esc                           keys to open start menu
  • Shift+Delete                     delete items permanently
  • Ctrl+A                             Selects all items in Folder
  • Ctrl+C                              Copy function
  • Ctrl+v                              Paste Option
  • Ctrl+home                        Move to the top of the page
  • Ctrl+End                          Move to the bottom of the page

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